For every business, a good website is very much essential so as to make its presence felt in the online world. If you intend to improve the online sales of your business, then you have to design and develop your website with the assistance of a well known web development service. Hiring our affordable service will help to improve your business sales and revenue to a considerable extent Our website design project involves the following main stages:


In this stage, we have preliminary consultations on your ideas & expectations. You can also provide reference images or website links which you may desire.


Once the quality assurance test is performed, we deliver your website by submitting to the major search engines and it goes live.


Based on the discussion with you we create a sample sketch which you can check, alter and approve the plan for implementation.


Once the sketch is approved, we start with our design procedure which emphasis on the look & feel performance of your organization.


We send the completed design work for your revision. You can state your likes & dislikes about the design and request for making suitable changes.
  • Idea

In this initial stage we discuss with you to create a tactical groundwork for website & build up your site plan. We provide pictures, website links you may like as well as some innovative ideas which ascertain to produce faultless, appealing experience for your entire component and strive to attain your business objectives.

  • Sketch

Depending on your conversation with you, we create a sample picture in such a manner that facilitates to take easy and effective decision on hierarchy, functionality and navigation. Once the sketch is completed, you reassess, modify and endorse our projected idea for implementation. Once the creative sketch is endorsed or approved, we will then build your site particulars. This creative sketch serves as our guide for your entire web development procedure.

  • Design

The design procedure concentrates on the innovative your company’s “look & feel” performance. This stage symbolizes and include all the vital aspects like logo, color themes that assists in reinforcing your organization’s identity. In this design phase, we ascertain to include your target customers as one of the main parameters.We ensure to create layouts that are spotless, userfriendly with all the essential design elements in the apt places. We will include your ideas & content into the webdesing procedure. Except if you request for mockup design we would performing the actual design work in this stage. (A mockup design is a  preliminary draft of your website. We create prototypes (normally 2 to 3) for your reassess. These will usually be in .jpeg pictures along with a rough draft).

  • Revise

In this stage we will be sending the finished designed work for your  revision. In this juncture, you can state  your likes & dislikes about the design and can also request for making suitable changes. Once the suggested changes are done, our expert translators convert your web page endorsed designs into CSS, HTML templates creating the functionalities which makes your website to work in an effective way. During this phase we also create personal editions of your site so that you can view, revise, provide suggestions, make modifications and refine the particulars. This phase is called the revision stage. In this review phase all the contents such as images, copy, and videos will be uploaded. Then debug is done and browser compatibility is guaranteed. You perform a final revision on your website before it goes live.

  • Deliver

This is a thrilling phase, as you can see your baby (website) occupying the center stage (online world). We deliver your website by introducing it to the online world once the quality assurance test is completed. Your website will be submitted to the search engines and legally your website goes live.

Why you need to avail our SEO services for your website design and development

The online market is filled with stiff competition, if you intend to stand out from the crowd and have more exposure, then your website has to be optimized with our SEO services. We help to optimized your website in such a way that the  major search engines like Google, yahoo and bing can easily recognize your site, get more visibility and thereby rank top in the search engine results, This helps you to reach your target audience in a swift and efficient manner and thereby your business sales and revenue increases to a considerable extent.

Our proficient SEO procedure comprises of Keyword analysis, Website auditing, Combining keywords, Competitor analysis, On-page optimization, Internal navigation, Steps to maintain SERP ranking, Off-page optimization, Periodic reporting, etc.

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