Calendar help you to plan everything. Every year people have new goals to follow, appointments, dates, etc. Calendars also are very helpful to know what are the busy or free days so, in the end, it will help your business, employees and even clients to plan their lives while they are seeing your enterprise’s brand.

It is a strong marketing strategy to put your logo on calendars while giving it to your clients.
It is a good gift and it will also boost your enterprise’s market positioning. You will be always in your customer’s mind and so they won’t forget you.

Quality comes first


We are devoted to businesses that want to improve their brand’s positioning. It is important to elaborate high-quality products that meet the client’s needs. That is why we offer you the best printing services in order to give you the best calendars you wish.

It is important for us that you obtain the desired result in the final product. That is why we offer you the options to customize as much as you want the calendar’s printing.

  • Finish: it is important that you choose between the matte and the gloss finish. They are different and have different effects on the client’s behavior. If you have brighter colors is best to choice gloss finish but when it comes to monochromatic is better to use a matte finish.
  • Perforation: you can choose either if you want or not perforation on your calendar.
  • Turnaround: you can choose the deadline between 5 or 7 business days.
    Quantity: this is one of the products that we produce in very high quantities. You can choose between 250 to 20,000. That’s a lot, right? It will depend on your budget and how much people you want to reach.
  • Proof: you can have a standard hardcopy or next day hardcopy.

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