The world of business is highly competitive today and the only way to bring visibility for businesses is to adopt the right online marketing strategies. We are here to take your business right to the top through powerful marketing strategies. Our team of experts use trend setting methods to bring your products and services to prominence and improve sales.

Paid Per Click or PPC

Paid Per Click or PPCPaid Per Click marketing is based on effective usage of relevant keywords. This type of marketing requires extensive keyword research for the products or services, strategic grouping and organization of the identified keywords in the content. Our professionals are adept at creating keyword rich, intelligent, well-organized content, rewarded by both search engines and searchers.

It goes without saying that an effective Paid Per Click campaign is about identifying the exact keywords relevant to the target audience. Our PPC efforts specifically target goal conversions and keyword traffic data as we do not rely on third party estimates.

Here are a few steps we follow to maximize the effectiveness of our Paid per Click  campaigns –

  • Measure traffic using Google Analytics reports and know your conversion rates

  • From the onset, have realistic expectations

  • Take time to learn about the audience and set the right targeting parameters

  • Success with Paid Per Click may take some time which is why we recommend our clients to ear mark a budget for their advertising campaign

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing also known as Search Engine Marketing is nothing but adopting strategies to place websites on top of search engine rankings. Paid advertisement placement is also considered to be a part of Search Engine Marketing.

Search Engine Marketing

The two prominent types of Search Engine Marketing include free or organic and paid or inorganic search. The aim of SEO or Search Engine Optimization as a part of free SEM is to use strategies to get the search engines pick web pages based on its relative importance.

We offer our clients a chance to leverage the powerful benefits of Search Engine Marketing

  • Relevance – Web pages can get better Ad Words Quality Score and also improve search engine rankings through keyword refinement.

  • Productivity – High productivity is the key to successful search engine marketing. Our professional marketers use tools such as automation tools, keyword search tools and keyword management tools to reduce marketing time and get powerful results.

  • Value for money Search Engine Marketing definitely offers great value for money. Keyword advertising opportunities are inexpensive as compared to many other online marketing strategies. We use the right keyword ad software to search for relevant keywords quickly thereby saving on precious time and money.

Content Marketing

One of the best ways to attract customers and retain them is content marketing. Customers can be engaged effectively through informative, interesting, valuable content. This in turn creates brand awareness through lead generation. We are here to create the perfect content for your needs. With great content created by our team, you can enjoy a host of benefits.

  • Identify niche audience – Before writing content for any media, it is imperative to first understand the target audience, their interests, needs, likes and dislikes. We carefully go through their comments and thoughts on your products and services and create suitable content that can keep them engaged.

  • Unique content – The content you create must be absolutely unique. No one wants to keep reading repetitive information on products. Our experts are adept at creating fresh, useful and engaging content that can keep readers captivated and compel them to place an order for your products or services

  • Add value to the content with info graphics – We use professionally designed inforgraphics to the content as this is one of the powerful ways to attract and retain them. Readers usually like to share infographic rich content.

Content Marketing

Email Marketing

The best way to directly connect with your target audience is through email marketing. In order to maximize impact and ensure quick results, we use these few strategies.

  • Use a personalized tone – We recommend keeping your marketing tone personal in promotional emails you send. This is the best way to appeal to people and connect effectively. If using auto responder, we include the recipient name using the in-built code.

  • Plain text always works the best – Though it may be tempting to use flashy graphics, we realize that recipients usually prefer ordinary text. It is easier to highlight the entire message this way. Many people also tend to discard mails with flashy graphics as they view them as advertisements.

  • Keep message concise – We also recommend not to over emphasize on your products or services through lengthy explanations. It pays to keep your emails crisp and concise. Never deviate from the primary topic. A powerful way to engage readers is to make your mails newsworthy.

We follow these steps to ensure optimum effectiveness for your email marketing efforts.

Local Marketing

There are thousands of brands today enjoying national presence. Instead of competing with them, it is a good idea focusing on your local area first and reaching out to the audience. We help clients optimize the local marketing campaign through various processes.

  • Creating attractive and enticing flyers and displaying them at offices and stores

  • Contacting local businesses and offering great deals for employees

  • Meeting company executives to find out if both companies can be benefited through advertising and marketing cross promotion

Another way we help businesses connect to the local audience is by reaching out to local community centres, apartment complexes and community colleges. To effectively engage with this audience, we recommend –

  • Distributing small novelties, coupons or flyers to potential customers

  • Setting up a stall in retail outlets or business premises to promoting client products among that particular customer group

  • Offering promotion, discount or coupon for specific communal groups

Remember that local marketing is a very important first step for companies wishing to establish a national or international presence.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can exponentially expand reach for your business. Our professional marketers help customers connect to customers effectively following these few tips –

  • We research and find out how other marketers are using their page on prominent social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you know what is helping them succeed, you can adopt similar strategies.

  • Offering exclusive discounts and coupons to followers is an excellent way of increasing their numbers.

  • Creating a unique and appealing page is not enough. It is important to interact and socialize with potential customers by commenting on profiles and blogs. We help clients stick to their speciality or niche to enhance visibility.

  • It is important to network and socialize constantly to ensure customers are not bored. Our professionals create engaging, interesting content laced with a lot of humour to get optimum exposure.

  • Blog entries could feature “Share to Facebook” button as this will help reach friends and contacts of other users.

We help maximize social media marketing efforts of our customers by adopting the latest, emerging strategies.

Mobile Marketing

Millions of people across the world use mobile devices like cell phones, tablets and smart phones. Mobile marketing is therefore one of the most powerful marketing strategies. There are many reasons why this is the perfect marketing platform.

  • Mobile marketing is very cost effective allowing businesses to reach out to a massive yet defined customer group.

  • With mobile marketing, advertisers can be assured of quick and high response rate.

We are here to help our customers leverage these powerful advantages of mobile marketing strategy and take their business to great heights.


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