Printed on weather proof vinyl with a glossy or matte laminate finish.


Stickers are back on track. Everybody is putting them into different things, such as their computers, smartphones, rooms or even in the clothes. The key to having the perfect sticker is that can be adapted to different objects, so it has to be very versatile.


A very good thing about the stickers is that these are very cheap


You won’t waste money you will be making a good decision for your business’s marketing. You will be inside your customer’s minds and actually on their clothes and most valuable objects.

Stickers stand out


No matter what type of business you have, stickers are very versatile and can be adapted to different types of format. The most important thing is the creativity.


  • Design: stickers are not a business card, so it is preferable to avoid putting the contact numbers or information. It is more effective to put some funny phrases that describe your enterprise and that makes people happy. It has to catch the attention of people so they will use them happily while they are unconsciously advertising your product. Your logo has to be in the sticker so it can be instantly recognized.
  • Removable: not everybody likes the permanent stickers so you have to meet different needs. You can choose to make permanent or adhesive-backed stickers.
  • Promotion: as said, this will promote your brands if it is well designed and you will be creating a brand’s fidelity between your clients and potential clients.


It is also important to hire a high-quality printing service. We offer you the possibility to choose how is it going to look the final result in order to obtain the desired product. The most important thing for us is that you and your business can grow with the products that you need and that is very good.

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