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If you are already on this site, then this means automatically that you have submitted to the fact that you have all the influence to bind yourself to any legal or 3rd party company or entity which utilizes or interacts with the usage that you have read and agreed to the terms of usage as well as other agreements posted on the website later too.
Also, by visiting, viewing or making use of the site, banner, signboard, promotional aspect of Web Design Beast you are agreeing to all the conditions of these terms of use of policy and even the privacy policy of Web Design Beast.
Important note for adolescent or under 18 children:
Web Design Beast refuses admission to any of those people who are covered under the Children Privacy Protection Act. You have to confirm that you are either above 18 years of age or are accompanied by a minor, parent or even guardian alongside to have the complete permission so you are able to be liable to agree to the terms of usage, and the responsibilities, warranties, representations, or even any confirmations that are laid down in this Privacy Policy that you will adhere to the Privacy Policy and also obey it too.
If any of the under 18 years of age person is found to be sharing any of the particulars or the information posted on this website to others, then commercially implemented logical measures will be placed to prevent that particular use of our website. This is why parents should be well conscious that our Privacy Policy will see and perfectly monitor the use of any particular information related to the use of our website whether it is individual only. Moreover, any particulars that are provided through kids or others through the use of email exchanges, bulletin boards or likewise that might be used by other parties to have their own unsolicited contacts of influence the same shall be even applied at them even severely.
Thus, we advise all parents to train their kids in such a way that is secure for them and also monitor them at all times as they are answerable for all the use of personal particulars that are utilized whilst using the internet.
Web Design Beast also has the right to reject entry to any person or any viewer to the website due to any legal reason whatsoever. According to the privacy policy and the terms, you are already agreeing to the stipulation for viewing the Web Design Beast website that it is authorized to gather and collect any information and data for the purpose and intention of excluding or making use through any other miscellaneous causes too.
Lastly, the privacy policy and the terms and conditions of usage shall also change from time to time and the guests already have a confirmed responsibility as a part of their deliberations to consent to the access of the website to themselves and be aware of any such modifications too.

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