Web Development Process

If you intend to build a website, then you must adopt an appropriate well planned web development procedure. Adopting our procedure will help your website development process to seamlessly flow from one phase to another.

Our web development procedure involves a 5 step process which we have mentioned below with an introduction and explanation of each step. Go ahead, read this article so that you get a clear idea about our procedure and thus get the maximum benefit  our affordable  Web Development service.

  1. Plan

This is the initial step in the web development procedure. In this preliminary stage we gather all your required particulars, your objectives and the websites you desire that can be taken as reference.

  1. Develop and code

The next stage of the web development procedure is the development and coding phase. In this stage, we develop a few concepts from which you can choose your preferred notions and lock on it. Likewise, we develop codes and ask you to choose the manner in which your website should function.

  1. Bug fix & test

This stage involves the testing of the web application with the intention of finding out if there are any bugs or errors and eliminating it.

  1. Deployment

In this stage, your website is then introduced into the online world. Subsequent to the quality check, your website will then be submitted to the search engines and they are formally, live.

  1. SEO

Simply developing and deploying your website will not give the anticipated results, your site has to be optimized in such a way that the major search engine identifies your website and thereby increases your business online exposure. We suggest you implement our SEO strategies so that you get potential leads which ultimately ends in lucrative conversions.

We suggest our SEO for the utmost conversions

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) serves as the basis for your online marketing campaign.  Just simply building and deploying your site will not help your business reach the target audience. Your website has to be optimized with our proven SEO techniques. We customize your website with the inclusion of appropriate keyword, appropriate images as well as adopt other white hat SEO tactics, so that the search engine recognize your website and thus help it to rank better in the search engine results. This helps you to reach your target customers in a swift and efficient manner and thereby improve your business sales & revenues.

Defining the goals & planning

Planning is the introductory stage in a web development procedure. The initial phase includes defining your website’s goals. Comprehending what you desire out of your website and planning how to execute your objectives. This phase also includes the choices pertaining to the technology that can be utilized, allotment of budget & resource, content’s scope hiring the appropriate professional, etc. When all these essential things are intended it provides a lucid picture of the project that helps in moving to the next stage.

Develop & Code

The development stage alters the comprehensive design & requirements into the real product by means of numerous hardcore programs. It comprises of database files, source codes & content into a particular product or module. This phase involves plenty of coding. It includes the technical professional’s assistance to build up the codes that can assist you to attain the preferred purposes as well as the level of performance. This is stage is the most important phase in the web develop procedures as your entire site’s working pattern relies on it.

Bug Fix And Test

This is an iterative procedure which will be carried out in a meticulous manner, so as to check if there is any additional bugs and completely eliminate it. The main objective of this design procedure is to find out whether your website is fulfilling all the requirements carried out during the development sate. In this stage your website is tested to ensure whether it properly reacts to all the types of inputs. Likewise, it is tested to find whether it is correctly working within the stipulated time.


The deployment phase involves a quality check. In this testing, your product, your product’s modules are subjected to numerous testing procedures such as cross browser compatibility check, loading test, integration testing & resolution testing. It also involves the pages’ confirmation by means of w3c group. The completed product is then positioned (deployed) & the procedures are carried out by means of the system.

Payment requirement

Please note as per our payment terms & conditions, for all kinds of web development & design works, you must pay either pay an upfront 50 % deposit or full payment whichever is feasible for you.

Likewise, you must make your final payment, once the web design is approved. You also have the choice of completely paying our invoice in a single payment. We accept PayPal, credit card, debit card, wire transfer, etc.

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