Gold SEO Monthly Plan

Platinum SEO Monthly Plan

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                         Gold SEO Monthly Plan $299 A Month. SAVE 20% On A 6 Month Purchase

We Will Provide You The Following Analysis Reports Initially:

We will provide you both quantitative and qualitative data of your website and let you know about the competition, it helps you to attract the continual traffic and improve the online experience and give you desired outcomes.
Website Technical Loopholes/Errors
We will give you the website technical analysis service find the loopholes and errors to improve the website performance. With the following way we will improve the loading speed and search engine visibility of your site.
Keywords Research & Analysis
We will offer you the quality keyword research and analysis service with Google Adwords and Google Trends, and use other paid tool to analyze best keyword with high search and low competition.
Meta Tags Generation
Don’t worry about your on-page SEO we are here to provide you the up to the mark Meta tags generation services, we add your targeted keywords and LSI keywords to make meta tags more SEO friendly.
Final Website Analysis
We will provide you the final website analysis services using online analytical data engines and help you to use in decision making and planning your marketing strategy and run business intelligently.
Competitor Analysis
What if you get your competitors’ analysis report we will give you the top competitors’ reports including their website standings against different targeted keywords and LSI keywords.

ON-Page SEO Work Checklist:

Optimization Of Title Tags Of All Important Pages
We will do SEO audit for your web pages, we check the <title> tag first, because it is the most powerful tool to establish a website, it show in the blue in search engine results it is best thing to describe about the content.
Optimization Of Other Meta Tags (Description etc…)
We will provide the meta tags, title and descriptions while focusing your highly search and low competitive keywords and use them in titles, tags and descriptions to make your on page SEO stronger.
Optimization of header tags H1, H2, and H3
We will make your on page more powerful by adding and optimizing header tags like H1, H2 or H3 these are very helpful to make our web pages worthy in search engine rankings.
Analysis Of Bold Tag
We will analysis the bold tag and labels are one of the key features of on page SEO, it let you filter the calm telemetry data by topographical site, individual business groups, specific types of users, and so on.
Optimizing JavaScript and CSS codes
We will help you to create responsive web pages with different updated web languages included JavaScript and will help you.
Optimization of non-index table attributes like Frames
We will help you to notes on helping search engines index your web site in the top search engines. We will help you to non-index tables that will help you to appear in search engine rankings.
Optimizing HTML Source Code
We will optimize your website’s HTML source cods for the search engines to position a set of predefined and targeted keywords with the use of some specific page or part of the website.
Image optimization
We know the value of image optimization and we will give you quality image optimization service by using most relevant and keyword based titles and alt text to optimize images in WordPress and other CMS.
Hyperlink Optimization
To optimize hyperlink means adding links to the keywords and it is one of the greatest on page SEO approach to promote your inner and external links, we will help you to choose best keywords and phrases to create quality hyperlinks.
Optimizing internal linking structure (Navigation)
We will provide you easy to optimize internal linking structure though navigations, we create a SEO friendly structure to put your internal links on the website.
Optimization of external Links
External links optimization is another effective on page SEO approach to promote authority and user friendly links to make users’ work easier to get more information from your website.
Broken links analysis & correction
We will find the broken links in your website that are creating problem in search engine ranking and users’ engagement to your website by finding and correcting broken links.
Creation & Optimization of XML Site Map
We know the value of XML site map for better optimization of your website and we will create a search engine friendly XML site map for your CMS and custom based website in order to make your site perfect for optimization.
Website architectural correction (if require)
In case your website need to correct architectural we will give your quality website architectural correction this way you will be able to save your user time on the site to improve the quality of work.

Off-Page SEO Work Checklist:-

Content Optimization (if require)
Content optimization is one of the most important task to improve the website worth, there are a number of content optimization features we know and we will help you to optimize your content if require.
URL Redirection (if require)
If you have some URLs redirection need to make your broken link in working condition we will give you URL redirection service to redirect your broken links to the working links.
URL Optimization
URL optimization is the most important part of SEO and we will help you to optimize your URLs for the search engines in order to make your appearance easier in search engine results.

Off-Page SEO Work Checklist-

Social Bookmarking
We will give you top quality social bookmarking service in order to make your site popular on the famous social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterst and many others.
Directory Submission
We know how to promote the site with directory submission and we will give you quality directory submission service on famous and relevant directory submission services.
Article Submission
We will give you quality article submission service we will produce quality content on your given topics and keywords and submit it on top article directories with your website links and create quality backlinks through this trick.
Squidoo Lens Creation
We will provide Squidoo lens creation service in order to shares your personal perspective on any topic that will help you to share your site link with the world.
Blog Commenting
We will give you the best blog commenting service on high page rank websites and create authority backlinks with the most effective SEO service.
Forum Link Building
We have accounts on top rated forums and create quality backlinks on those forums by participating in different conversations and putting your links in conversations.
Press Release Distribution
We have quality press release writers and can distribute your press releases on several paid and free press release websites with your website link that will create several authority backlinks of your website.
Blog Setup & Posting
Setting up blog is one of the effective technique of web 2.0 and we create effective links by creating blogs on famous CMS like WordPress, Blogspot, Squido and other famous blogging platforms.
Image Optimization & Submission
If you are looking to have a quality image optimization service and submit your images on top photo sharing networks along with your site link we can give you image optimization and submission service.
Video Optimization & Submission
We will promote your content and build your links on top video sharing sites, submit and optimize your videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and other famous video sharing networks.
Free Keyword Ranking Report
We will give you the free keyword ranking report and let you know which links are ranking against which targeted keywords on the famous search engines.
Traffic Analysis Statement & Report
We will analyze your website traffic and let you know with the weekly and monthly traffic analysis statement and report, this way you will be able to analyze your website audience to promote your content quality.
Search Engine Submission
We will submit your website on top search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and others manually as well as automatically this way you site appearance changes will increase in search engines.
Press Release Submission
Our quality content writers knows how to write an effective press release and we will also submit your press release on famous free and paid PR websites along with your site links.
Thematic links (Theme based links from high PR sites)
We all know the value of high PR sites and we will provide you the thematic links on high PR websites to promote the value of your site in search engines’ view.

ON Page SEO Reports
We are helping you to grow your business with On Page SEO Report. The reports provided by us will be better equipped for your website to inform about all effective and ineffective on Page SEO perspective to drive traffic and manage customer support.

Off Page SEO Report
We will deliver the best off page SEO services to boost your website in search engine rankings for the targeted keywords related to your page content. We provide the high quality link building reports to make your SEO more effective.
Monthly Keyword Rank Report
We provide monthly keyword rank report tracking your website data and traffic that help you to achieve greater online marketing achievements. We help you to gain a competitive edge by following the trending keywords.
Duplicate Content Check
We are delivering the reliable duplicate content check service to insure you that your content on the site is unique for marketing. We will prevent you to publish low quality and copied content on your site. It helps you to be original over the web.
Advanced Keyword Research
We will give you the best marketing strategy to get popular over the web, it helps you to avoid expensive mistakes that you may do during initial SEO with expert keyword research services to plan an effective marketing strategy.
Magnify CSS
We will bring the quality magnify CSS services, including zoom in and zoom out functionality using mouse wheel. We will add the attachment of user defined functions for thumbnail arriving, touching and parting and image zooming happenings.
W3c Validated
We will check and validate the markup validity of Web documents included HTML, SMIL, XHTML, MathML, etc. We will also provide you the specific content validation such as RSS/Atom feeds or CSS stylesheets. We have several validators available for different validations.
Sitemap Creation
We will create sitemap for your website, the XML sitemap help you to increase your search engine engagement in your website. We will generate a site map with additional metadata about each URL along with XML files URLs for each page of site.
Robots.txt File Optimization
We will create your robots.txt file correctly and you will be in a world of off page promotion. We will do it properly and the search engines will love you.
Advanced Anchor Text Optimization
We will provide anchor text services to make your hyperlinks more suitable for SEO, this way you will be able to determine the ranking receive in search engine. We know which link should be an anchor text and which is not so we will give you best use of anchor text optimization.
SEO Meta Tags Optimization
These days ranking and google is not an easy task, we will deliver you the SEO met tags optimization based on reputation, popularity and relevance to your context which is still popular and effective methods to get your page ranked.
Images ALT Tags Optimization
We will provide best alt tags optimization to your WordPress website images based on the most related LSI keywords to grab visitors from the Google Images and other search engines images services. We will use alt tag for those imageries and make positive to include best keyword inside your alt tag.
Sitemap and RSS Submission
We will give you the best sitemap RSS submission services to help you populating in directories, communities and the most important in search engines. We will use the best updated sitemap RSS feeds to submit your site.
Video Submission
We will manually submit your video to the top video hosting sites getting you massive traffic and exposure for your business. We will also promote your videos through attractive titles, descriptions and tags.
Google Local Page
We will give you the quality google local page to promote your local business in your area, if you are looking to promote your local brand and organization without an address, create a brand page instead.
Local Citations
We will give you the excellent local citation service submissions to grab the High PR local directories, and our all plan included top authority directories. We will also add videos, pictures, social accounts and logos.
We will love to work for you from the start. Whether you’re creating a new brand or looking to move an existing one, effective brands are built on great levels. You will get the best branding services in this regard.
Press Release Writing
We will write quality press releases to promote your business over the web. We will give you the quality grammatical error free content to submit on the famous news and press release portals.
Press Release Distribution
We will not only write your press releases as well as we can deliver you the reliable press release distribution services on the free and paid sources press release.
Guest Post Submission
We will give you the best guest posting submission services to help you out while putting your website links on the famous and relevant web portals. The content for the guest posts will be best quality.
Top Bookmarks Manual
We will give you Social Bookmarking Plugin now FULLY Automates it. Get social signals and deep links to all your new and old posts. Very Powerful and Time Saving on your end – Manual work on ours!
Top Directory Submits
We will give the directory submission services from our huge collection of most relevant niche directories. We will submit your links on the top rated niche relevant directories for better search rankings.

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