Google’s Best of Lists Is Threatening


Google’s Best of Lists Is Threatening for Other Competitors

There has been a new debate going on among Google and big competitors all over the world as a new search engine changes has been made over the world to provide a better user experience according to Google.

It was just on 4th August 2016 that Google had announced a new change for all Google search results on mobile apps. The change relates to Google showing up the ‘best of lists’ in the results. This means that if you search for the best place to dine out on your mobile, then it will not throw you the best of all but will choose from them the best of all that are near the area you made the search in. It will also give in many top critic reviews from known publishers too.

While Google says that this scrutinized feature is for more specificity and local businesses improvement, many competitors say that this definitely doesn’t improve user experience but it shows anti-competitiveness. Yelp and TripAdvisor CEOs are the top ones as the Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman tweeted that this Google monopoly is just not justified above the fold as they just found that they have been claimed.

On another note, a Yelp spokesperson also commented that this is yet another way of Google to find ways to give preference to its own names since they do not perform well organically and can only fair well this way sometime at least. There has also been a ‘search bias’ antitrust complaint in Europe that Google has been favoring its own content of third parties while Google has been denying it all.

Whatever the reason is, it cannot be denied that this search engine change will greatly impact businesses keeping in mind that 60% of searches are done on mobiles now.

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