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How do some Blogs get over 10k Visitors a Day

How do some Blogs get over 10k Visitors a Day

Browser Stats Seo Sense

Strategies to increase traffic and RSS subscribers use paid for publicity banners and social media sites,with impressive results. One post submitted to Twitter received close to 10K visitors,and another one about 15K. However, while social media sites can bring tons of visitors in a few hours, more than often these visits are hit and run.

Visitors ,organic visitors. They are neither sponsored visitors, nor social media users spending .more time on your site. They are pure organic visitors with an interest for your site.

In this article you will learn the different strategies I used to attract 10,000 quality visitors by using free simple methods available at your fingertips.

Promote Guest Blogging. I’ve used these methods to increase traffic.

Guest Blogging

Writing Services, guest posting is THE best possible visibility to promote this service, much better than paying $1 a click on AdWords.Start promoting your blog using a similar strategy.

Blogging Collaboration

The best thing I did to bring new readers was Writing Services, collaborating with other bloggers is the second best thing.

Bloggers guest posting
Interview with a Pro Blogger
Participating in forums
Link exchange

Interview With a Pro Bloggers

When you get a chance to interview a Pro Blogger, try using this opportunity to maximize your visibility. Some tips that might help:

Tip #1: Interviewing a Pro Blogger is a good idea, but you also need to convince her or him to publish a small post with a back link to your site.

Tip #2: Try to advertise your interview where the Pro Blogger has fans and followers. It could be a Facebook fan group for instance. Join the group and drop a note, this will surely bring you traffic.

Tip #3: Leave a comment on the blogger’s site and finish by mentioning the interview with a direct link to the article.

Participating In Forums

By joining active forums you meet new bloggers and you develop professional, but also friendly relationships.

Link Exchange

Best strategy would be to collaborate with bloggers to exchange traffic.

As you can see, there are simple ways you can use to bring you 10,000 organic visitors.

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