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How to Solve Duplicate Content Local SEO Issues

How to Solve Duplicate Content Local SEO Issues for Multi-Locational Businesses

If you often have issues for creating unique content for each of your business locations on your webpage, then this article is the perfect solution for you. It is a great issue for big brands regarding SEO which is why here’s some advice for the same.

  1. Make Use of Testimonials

When you use testimonials from people then you can add in options for replying. This way instead of saying thanks, the agent can reply it was a pleasure to help you. This is a great way to make your page very unique. The Google filter will no more think of you and other similar field competitors as the same and keep you well as a separate link and suggestion too.

  1. Have Driving Directions for Each Location

Besides making your location office page unique, this will also help people to know the way better and encourage more people to reach you easily as well.

  1. Have Employee Bio-Data

There are different employees at each location. Putting their bio-data will not only make your page different but will also make the employees feel empowered and honored for greater performance too.

  1. Have More Than One Photo

Most websites often have just one single main page photo for them and their representation while people always want to have a look at more. This is the perfect opportunity to make your location page different and add different images of your office too. It will also bring in more clarity for your office too.

Looking at these ways, if you incorporate all these tactics in the same way that they have been told, you shall get a lot of rich content for each of your multi-locations and your problem for filters as well as SEO will also be solved besides clarity and improvement too.

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