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Pokémon Go Can Help Generate SEO and Traffic


Pokémon Go has been the recent interest and the newest as well as the craziest trend of all. Not only are kids after it but adults are equally obsessed with it too. Now how it can generate SEO and foot traffic might sound very absurd to you, but it’s true! Let me tell you how

Foot Traffic

According to the game, during their quest for Pokémon, players often have to stop at ‘PokeStops’ and ‘Gyms’ so that they can meet others and combat there. This results in people who are playing to walk to this PokeStop. If there is any food joint or any other business nearby, these people obviously head in for a cool drink, a casual lunch or avail a service there.

Therefore, there goes the foot traffic. This has been proved through the local Mad Hatter’s ice-cream owner who said that his sales were hardly making bucks but tripled after Pokémon was released and PokeStops happened to be near his business.

These PokeStops are mostly near libraries, public buildings, worship places, parks, museums, landmarks etc. What you can do is, move a temporary business near them, and love it all!


Just search for the nearest PokeStops near one’s business and incorporate them in your website post as keywords. People often look for PokeStops in different areas but get no results on Google as there are none yet. This way your link with that location shall pop up as the first search. Thus, you shall get many visits. Moreover, if you have many locations, then you can incorporate many PokeStops and Gyms with your different locations and get even more clicks again!

So, grab your phone and make this trend your fast cash to success and name before the enthusiasm goes out or a Google specific result actually pops up!

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