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Subscribe to Google news site, the future of the news

We are in the digital age. No matter how much love we have for the printed editions of newspapers and magazines, it is impossible to avoid the increasing access to news through the internet.

It is necessary that the news get transformed along with technology, and that is precisely the mission of this project. If you subscribe to the Google news site, you will have the reports of your most trusted journalists in the comfort of your smart device.

Reasons why you should Subscribe to Google News Site

google news site

Today everyone wants to take on the task of informing. People are constantly publishing all kinds of information on social networks. Sometimes it’s false or distorted, but this does not prevent them from becoming viral.
70% of people can not distinguish between a real story and fake news. If the news media does not adapt efficiently to technological devices and services, the digital era will also become the era of misinformation.
Google News Site aims to mitigate that concern. We explain below why this becomes the best option, both for journalists and for the user who wants to stay informed.

• Journalists ensure the continuity of news agencies in the digital age.

Internet access has accustomed people to access information from anywhere in the world at any time.
It’s less attractive going to the kiosk to buy a newspaper if you can get the same truthful and timely information through your mobile device. It is less comfortable having to wait for a particular schedule and hire a particular private cable service. Than to watch an opinion or news program, when you can access YouTube and search for the same content at any time.

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It is not possible to fight against these changes.

Rather it is imperative that journalism adapts to them. So that it remains at the forefront, and does not stop being attractive to users.
Google News Site is the best choice for news agency. You will have at your disposal a variety of tools that only Google can offer, such as:

1. New media to transmit your news: Videos on YouTube, applications on Google Play, news through virtual reality, Accelerated Mobile Pages, among others.

2. Constant income to support your agency: Google is aware of the decline in profits in traditional news media. From now on you will be able to count on the income generated by the subscriptions to your news agency, plus the advertising income..

3. Positioning in the Google search engines: When a user subscribes to your news agency, Google will give priority to the content of your agency in the search results of that user. So that you will have more visits in your web edition.

4. Online Training Center: You have over 40 lessons about Google products and tools, designed specifically to optimize the service you offer.

• Users access the news more comfortably and quickly.

Google News Site offers you the best of both worlds. The truthful and timely information of traditional media with the speed and scope of new technologies. What other benefits will you have when you subscribe to Google News Site?