Monthly Website Maintenance

monthly website maintenance


Monthly Website Maintenance limit to two hours of work. This is for a basic monthly package. Contact us if you need a more complex maintenance package. We also offer monthly website hosting. 1(408)603-4745
Your website needs regular maintenance to perform as it should. Updates are always being made on themes and plugins, and keeping your website installation up to date is very important, especially since so many updates are security fixes and patches that will prevent potential exploits of the vulnerabilities of your website or blog.
Website updates, plugin/extension updates, adjusting web content, optimizing database, fixing any broken links, hosting backups etc.



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Product Description

Learn the benefits of using a Monthly Website Maintenance

We offer you some of the best web solutions here at Web Design Beast, and a monthly website maintenance is one of these. If you want your website to look updated but do not have the time or the knowledge, we can help you. A dedicated team of professional SEO analyst and web developers. We will thoroughly analyze your website, update it and fix the broken links you may have.

A service to maintain an attractive website.

website maintenance

If people enter your website only to find broken links or design imperfections, you will lose customers or visitors. With our monthly basic package, you can avoid those situations. We know how to update your website, fix bugs, update or install plugins and backup hosting. Maintain your offers and ads up to date and have a professional look and a cared for one. With these monthly web solutions you can do this and a lot more.

SEO analysis, the way to know if your website is at the tops of the search engines

A good position in the search engines is crucial to business because it will attract more people and customers to your website. We offer that in our monthly website maintenance packages.

This is a major tool you need to be in the top results a build the way to success.

Web solutions to stay professional

Any website needs a cleanup time from time. Every browser update or security fix can change something in the way your website looks, making a monthly maintenance a must have. If you want a professional team working on that, contact us. If you need a bigger plan, make a request and we can provide you with the best prices and different packages in web solutions.