WordPress – Joomla Template Installation Service



WordPress – Joomla Template Installation Service

We are offering installation services for Joomla/WordPress templates. This is not for magento templates.
Our team will upload and install the template to your hosting server and activate it within your database as necessary. Please make sure that your hosting plan includes PHP5x and MySQL4x support.We will sent you the database,ftp and admin credentials.We suggest you change all passwords soon after.

If you have any specific requirements please fill the contact form below. Be as specific as possible it will help us to understand your needs better so we would be able to give you our accurate price. All information is kept in strict confidence. After you send us your requirements we will get back with a quote in 24 hours.

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Request your quote online or send your query. Place your request, complete with the data and send the form that will quickly respond to your need. If you want more information about our products and / or services do not hesitate to write us or contact us by telephone.


Product Description

We offer wordpress, joomla, drupal template installation services.

Do you want to get the WordPress design of your dreams? Or maybe you are of those who like the Joomla template but do not know how to install any? You are now in good hands. Here in Web Design Beast we know The presence of your web page is just as important as its content, so that’s why we offer you the installation service of the template of your preference.

Install the Joomla, Drupal or WordPress design which better suits your content.

wordpress installation

You shall worry no longer about the appearance of your web page. With our help, you will not have to spend hours fighting with the configuration of your page. Much less have to redo your web page completely.
Our qualified team of programmers and web designers will be responsible for uploading and installing that beautiful template you want on your website. Don’t matter if it is from Joomla, Drupal or WordPress design. We will activate it within your database so you won’t need to modify the content of your website or blog afterward.

Your page is safe with Web Design Beast

You may be thinking: What if the person who configures my page loses an important content? Or what if I don’t want to some of my content become public?
The Web Design Beast team is a professional and reliable team. We will make sure that all your content stays safe. Before making any significant programming changes we will make a backup of all your data. We will make sure that all of that shows again on the page when we return it to you.

If you have hidden content on your page, we guarantee that all information will be kept in strict confidence. Also, we will send you the database, FTP and admin credentials, and you will be able to change all your passwords just right after we finish the job.
Don’t doubt any longer and give your website that look you always wanted, with the help of our specialized and efficient web programmers.